Paving Lullaby Lane

Members from the Mason City Chamber’s Leadership North Iowa (LNI) class are putting finishing touches on their ambitious community impact project. The class raised enough funds to coordinate and implement the construction of Lullaby Lane, a memorial pathway in Lullaby Land at Elmwood Cemetery.

Lullaby Land is a designated section in the cemetery where children lost to miscarriages less than 20 weeks are laid to rest. LNI coordinated plans to construct a paver pathway leading up to the current memorial headstone in Lullaby Land. LNI and the Mercy Medical Center – North Iowa’s Fetal and Infant Loss Bereavement Committee partnered on this project as an effort to help those grieving the loss of a child. Parents who lose a child to miscarriage have the option of having their child’s name and date of loss engraved on a paver in the pathway.

Excavation began September 15 and construction is scheduled to be completed by the end of the week. LNI class members will assisted with the installation of pavers beginning on Wednesday, September 21 at Elmwood Cemetery.

A dedication ceremony will take place on Saturday, October 15, National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day. A memorial service will begin at Fullerton Funeral Home in Mason City at 5:30PM, followed by the Lullaby Lane dedication in Elmwood Cemetery at approximately 6:15PM.

Check out the news coverage by KIMT and the Globe Gazette.

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