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Has your workplace gone above and beyond in implementing health and well-being initiatives?  Help honor their achievements at the Chamber’s Annual Meeting in early October by nominating them for the Workplace Wellness Award! Applications will be released late summer.


2017 Workplace Wellness Award Recipient

Metalcraft, Inc.

As a Certified Blue Zones Project Community®, the citizens and businesses of Mason City have made a commitment to transform the

physical, social, and civic environment to improve the emotional and physical health of residents and workers. In partnership with the Cerro Gordo Department of Public Health and the Blue Zones Project, the Chamber is pleased to recognize Metalcraft with the Workplace Wellness Award.

Metalcraft is continuously expanding their already exemplary workplace wellness program that promotes a healthy mind, body and spirit. As a Blue Zones Project worksite, Metalcraft has taken the initiative to provide many well- being opportunities to its employees.

The Metalcraft wellness team implements programs that educate, treat and motivate their employees to succeed. They have an on-site Pain Specialist available, ergonomics training, biometric screenings, flu shots, and many team-centered activities. Metalcraft sets a great example of the valuable well-being practices employers can provide to workers in the community.

“We really want people to be healthy here. We figure if they are healthy individuals, they’re happier at home, they’re happier at work, and they’re going to be more productive.” Steve Doerfler – President and CEO of Metalcraft.

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News, Best Practices, & Testimonials


Are you new to Mason City? Check out the New Resident Toolkit!

Like Healthy- Mason City on facebook for the most up-to-date wellness initiatives in our community.

Are you interested in helping create a healthier community? Join the Chamber Wellness Committee by emailing Kativa at the Chamber!


Recipe of the Month:

Zoodles and Meatballs

Zucchini noodles and meatballs – when it comes to zucchini noodles, it doesn't get more classic than that! I've been making zucchini noodles long before I got my spiralizer, but now they are so popular you can even buy them pre-cut in the supermarket!

Need a St. Paddy’s Day dinner? Try zucchini noodles as an alternate to pasta (tell your kids it is a leprechauns favorite).

Total Time: 30 minutes | Calories per serving: 325 | Servings: 3


Designated Work-Site

IMG_0645The Mason City Chamber of Commerce is proud to be a Designated Blue Zones Project Work Site!
The work site pledge provides resources, expertise, and collateral to help complete the pledge items along with detailed information on the research behind each pledge action item.  We encourage your work site to join the movement and become a designated work site.
Throughout the designation, the Chamber has implemented several wellness related items such as offering personality assessments to employees, creating walking routes throughout the Commerce Center, micro walking breaks, and a step tracking program.


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Healthy – Mason City

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Healthiest State Initiative Community Award Winner.

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Blue Zones Project Designations

– Work-Sites
– Schools
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– Grocery Stores

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