Invest in our Youth!

Since 2003, the Chamber has provided training for our future community leaders through YIELD (Youth Investing Energy in Leadership Development). High school juniors from Mason City recognized as good students and good citizens with leadership potential are selected to participate in the program.

“One thing that I have learned in the YIELD program is that we teenagers have a very profound effect on the community. Through the sports we play, or just how we act out in the community, we are representing the teenagers of Mason City, Iowa, either positively or negatively.” -2015/2016 YIELD student

“The YIELD program has taught me a lot about decision making and also taught me a lot about myself: including many views I have on a variety of topics. I enjoy team building and using a system to get a consensus on our community project. It was interesting learning about different ways of how to be a good leader.” -2015/2016 YIELD Student

We are seeking $100 business sponsorships toward their course tuition. Please contact the Chamber if you are interested in supporting this valuable leadership program.

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